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David Bromige – The Man Behind Martin Miller’s Gin

David Bromige Co-Founder Martin Miller’s Gin. Footage – Chris Pavlich Images @chrispavphoto

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As one of many founders of Martin Miller’s gin, David Bromige has the honour of being one of many trailblazers of the craft gin explosion that has taken over the world within the last 20 years.

Drinks World just lately sat down with David on his visit to Australia, and in celebration of World Gin day we get inside the mind of the creator of a one among a certainly one of type and still a bartender’s favorite gin.

David Bromige and Mark Hickey. Footage – Chris Pavlich Images @chrispavphoto

Nestled into the nook of the brilliant and airy and appropriately named Reign in Sydney’s Queen Victoria building, I discover the relaxed and unassuming Englishman behind Martin Miller’s gin. I’m immediately handed a delicious G&T with an aromatic garnish with sliced strawberries and cracked black pepper and before I do know it we’re chatting freely concerning the early days of Martin Miller’s gin.

When wanting again to the late 1990’s David remembers that, “When we first decided to make a gin it was about wanting to bring the category back to life, that was one of the aims we had. It was a category we loved and we actually setup the business Reformed Spirits to look at categories that could be reformed into something better. I had this love and enthusiasm for gin, Martin was a gin drinker and our third business partner Andreas Versteegh, from Sweden, got to like gin”. All the time good to have individuals with totally different expertise units!

What began as a second once they have been served poor quality G&T’s at an area pub, developed into a dialog between associates and ultimately turned an obsession to create a new gin model with the assumption that they might create a singular and ‘better’ gin than what was out there at the time. David remembers, “And it was Martin who actually said look at this, this is England’s national drink! What are we going to do about it?” And with that declaration the Martin Miller’s journey had begun.

Martin Miller

Working as Drinks business marketing consultant and dealing on new brand improvement tasks, David noticed that there was a chance for a super-premium positioned gin that amplified the ‘how and the where’ it was made, just like the messaging in the emerging super premium vodka. He went on, “I tried to infuse the drinks business with the idea of a gin revival and my view was that it was about to happen for gin because they tend to generational lifestyle trends and there were enough vodkas in the world already”, foreshadowing that the time of premium and hand-crafted gin was coming.

After seeing a distinct segment out there where Bombay Sapphire and new premium gin drinkers have been wanting more new hand-crafted expressions and the emerging focus of bartenders creating recent and premium cocktails the time was right for Martin Miller’s to return to life.

“Our thought was, how can we do something different? For us it was all about how do you get a better balance between the juniper and the citrus” and through the use of the feedback from sommeliers, they found that a extra citrus ahead gin was more most popular than the normal juniper heavy gins. They actually snuck a sample of a half London dry and half lemon vodka into the lineup and that was typically the decide of the bunch in some of our early tastings! That was telling us something”.

Martin Miller’s Botanicals. Footage – Chris Pavlich Images @chrispavphoto

When it came to develop their botanical formulation the decision was made to distil the citrus botanicals separately from the opposite botanicals and then mix the 2 distillates collectively to effective tune to last stability of flavours. “But something wasn’t quite right”, David remembers, and because of their connection with the Icelandic vodka venture and the information that it tasted extremely mushy when blended with spirit, “so the idea occurred to us that what would happen if we sent the distillate to Iceland and blend it down with Icelandic water?” The outcome achieved the softness that they have been in search of, although Martin thought, “it was really nice but it’s too easy to drink.” It was the Icelandic Spring water which provides it its mild bouquet and trademark softness.

David recollects, “After thinking about what we had for a while we realised that the finish still needed something and it was Andreas who thought about adding a cucumber note to add a dryness and length and added complexity to the finish and in the end it was the last piece of the puzzle. It ended up being a two year process of good intentions, trial & error, and filled with luck and good fortune along the way”.

Martin Miller’s Gin is, and all the time has been, a dry gin within the basic sense, with a well-chosen, balanced forged of botanicals. Prime billing, in fact, is given to juniper after which, in help, coriander, angelica, lime peel, liquorice root, nutmeg, cassia bark and Florentine iris.

Coriander provides the distinctive aroma of ginger, sage and lemon whereas angelica imparts its woody dryness. Liquorice and cassia root add sweetness and spicy aromas in equal measure and lime peel provides additional freshness. Finally, underpinning and binding it all together, is the aromatic and floral Florentine iris.

Westbourne Power

By 2003, because of the rise of cocktail tradition with the UK and USA, Martin Miller’s Gin Westbourne Power was created. David talked about, It was born out of a response to mixologists requesting a better power or Navy power type that might give a more ‘old school’ authenticity to the basic cocktails, as well as inspiring them to create more complicated, absolutely flavoured cocktails.

Westbourne Sour

“What we did with Westbourne was keep the botanicals the same but push up the ABV, and what we found was that higher strength alcohol the botanicals tasted different, and at around 45% there was a sweet spot that delivered a spicier and more peppery note”.

In speaking more concerning the Icelandic water David recollects, “It’s key to the taste profile and initially it was about the romance of the story but it was adding something that we didn’t know about. The purity story is one thing, but when we decided to start shipping the water to the UK In response to the moniker that we were the ‘little gin brand with the largest carbon footprint’, we discovered that when the water was demineralised, to help stabilize it during transit, it was reducing the surface tension of the water and changing the taste dramatically”. That’s not a problem anymore since they’ve been utilizing a sterile 10,000L bag to ship the water to London which is instantly decanted and blended with the spirit to make the gin which naturally stabilizes it, maintaining its excessive mineral content material and smooth mouthfeel.

Martin Miller’s Hanoi

Martin’s Homage to Gin

“I always remember a loving relationship with gin. For me it will always be the most seductive of drinks. History, romance and adventure in the cup. When creating my own gin I wanted to live that love, to possess the aroma of oriental flowers in the shadows, the fragrance of the orange trees in a warm Sevillian night and the refreshing whisper of the winter wind in a birch forest.” – Martin Miller


Martin Miller’s Gin was born in London in 1998 when, in a small institution of Notting Hill, appalled by the shortage of high quality gin at that time and eager to encourage a youthful viewers into the gin fold, Martin Miller with Co-Founder David Bromige decided to create a singular gin, regardless of the time, money or effort invested to get it.


Martin Miller’s Gin is distilled in a standard copper pot still to today. To create the ultimate two separate distillations, one for the juniper and earthier botanicals, the opposite only consists of citrus peels. The two distillations are then rigorously blended, then rested for a minimum of ten days in chrome steel containers. This blending allows the distiller to train nice control of the stability between the deeper juniper notes and brighter citrus.


After being distilled, Martin Miller’s Gin makes a three,000-mile boat trip to Iceland, to combine with the purest water of the arctic, which requires no processing or demineralisation. Thus attaining the purity and softness that characterises the soul of this gin.


  • It was the primary tremendous premium gin of the fashionable line market.
  • In its manufacturing, two separate distillations are carried out between the citrus and botanical components to realize a singular clarity and freshness.
  • It’s the solely gin combined with water from Iceland: one of the purest waters on the planet and key to the distinctive traits of the product.
  • Is among the most awarded gins on the earth.
  • It was not created with a business objective, but for the will to develop the most effective tasting gin on the planet.



  • On the nose, it has a light aroma of lemon pores and skin, garnished with some floral notes.
  • The palate is elegant and with an exquisite citrus flavour. Emphasizes its dry fruitiness and the delicate touches of juniper and peppercorns. The end is clean, long and softly citric, with a delicate aftertaste that permits one to appreciate its delicate elaboration.


  • On the nose the tender aroma of lemon pores and skin is interspersed with a symphony of floral notes.
  • The palate is more strong, sustaining smoothness and clarity, dominates the juniper for a long time, getting a extra spicy sensation.
  • The finish could be very lengthy, mushy and delicate, highlighting sweet fruit notes that invite you to find increasingly more.

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