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Leaving Legalism Behind and Running Back to the Arms of God

Leaving Legalism Behind and Running Back to the Arms of God

Have you ever ever discovered your self trapped in a legalistic group, in search of God someplace in all the man-made requirements and expectations? Have you learnt somebody whose religion journey revolves extra round guidelines than a relationship with God?

Excellent news: I’ve been performing some studying and soul looking with some assist from Kendra Fletcher’s Leaving Legalism and I’m right here to inform you that there’s assist and hope for many who sure by the chains of legalism. Legalism could also be an element of your previous or current, however it doesn’t have to be an element of your future.

Leaving Legalism Behind and Running Back to the Arms of God

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Merriam-Webster defines legalism as “strict, literal, or excessive conformity to the law or to a religious or moral code.”

Hear me out, I’m a rule-following ISTJ gal, an Enneagram 1. I embrace order, requirements, and custom greater than I care to admit. I share all of that with you as a result of it will be straightforward for me to let this stuff management my life as a Christ follower, however all of that’s off the desk when it comes to God and what he requires of me. And since God doesn’t require these issues from me, giving them an excessive amount of management over me would end in a legalistic religion.

Legalism is a suffocating mindset and it’s onerous to shake, so it makes me need to shout in the greatest approach when a sister shares her story away from legalism and again into the arms of our loving Father. That’s why I’m excited to share Kendra Fletcher’s newest guide, Leaving Legalism, with you at present.

Leaving Legalism: A Evaluation

Legalism is a tough topic to write about. On one hand, you’re conscious of how paradoxically judgmental it might come throughout to recommend somebody is strolling out their religion the improper method. On the different, you need so desperately to share the hope, mild, and freedom that comes from strolling away from a legalistic group.

In Leaving Legalism, Kendra Fletcher goes there and she does it with compassion and grace. She shares her story of getting into a legalistic church setting, her journey away from legalism, and the decade in between. What’s extra, she shares how let go of the previous, transfer on in life and religion, and relaxation in the arms of God.

Kendra shares this glimpse into what legalism seemed like for her household:

“Life as we knew it was rule-bound, narrow, and rigid. It camped on outward signs of an inward faith that threw its hope into methods rather than the Savior, into our good choices, and works, rather than what Jesus had already accomplished at the the cross.”

That quote from chapter one of Leaving Legalism sticks with me in tons of methods. Particularly, the outward indicators, hope in strategies, good decisions, and works stand out.

Good friend, our considerations, good intentions, and checklists of self-imposed requirements have difficult the gospel; that’s why legalism is such a harmful, crushing mindset.

four Indicators You May Be Dwelling in Legalism

One other factor that’s so terrible about legalism is that it may be exhausting to acknowledge or settle for once you’re so deeply rooted in it.

I’ve by no means been concerned in a legalistic church setting, however I can inform you that the lure of legalism is shut to my coronary heart. My husband spent most of his early life in a legalistic church and moved away from it once we met as youngsters.

Almost twenty years have handed since we met and started courting. We started serving in ministry collectively in 2001, married in 2002, and lately planted a church.

As a result of a lot of our story as a pair revolves round serving the native church, we’ve seen the stronghold that comes with legalism time and time once more. It continues to break my coronary heart once I speak to believers who’re dwelling in legalism or have skilled it of their religion journeys.

Listed here are strongholds of legalism we’ve encountered the most in our years of ministry:

1. The strategies, requirements, or legal guidelines you reside by aren’t Bible-based and but you deal with them as in the event that they’re scripture.

“They swung the proverbial pendulum. This movie was allowed, but not this one. Their children could read these classics, but not those. Dress lengths had to be this long, boy’s clothing in this style, Bible reading and church attendance mandatory. Food had to be homemade.” – Kendra Fletcher, Leaving Legalism

One signal chances are you’ll be dwelling in legalism is that decisions, preferences, and requirements you adhere to as a group are taught as in the event that they’re equal to the Gospel.

Understand that no believer walks round shouting this from the rooftops; that is a simple level to deny and dismiss as a result of we might all say that God’s Phrase by itself is our supply and information for dwelling. Nevertheless, saying it and really dwelling that means aren’t the similar.

Leaving Legalism Behind and Running Back to the Arms of God

Our good intentions — whether or not private intentions or as an element of our church buildings — lead us to set up requirements and create boundaries in order that we will do our greatest to honor God with our lives. Sadly, good intentions and all, these requirements and boundaries are sometimes based mostly on preferences or worry.

2. You anticipate different believers to comply with the similar man-made code your group follows.

There’s nothing mistaken with establishing boundaries and making good decisions. The issue comes once we assume others should maintain on to our strategies, decisions, and actual convictions. The widespread denominator of Jesus and God’s grace is not sufficient to view different believers as brothers and sisters.

Kendra writes:

“It’s not wrong to have rules or standards in place in your own home or for your own life, of course. The problem is that, in our own humanity, we so badly want to place our hope in something — sometimes anything — and we so often place it in the tools that God has given us rather than in God Himself.”

The factor to remember right here is that all of us have totally different tales, backgrounds, inclinations, struggles, strengths, and weaknesses. Higher but, we’ve all acquired totally different roles to play for the Kingdom.

Since all of us have these variations, it is sensible that we’re going to have variations in the method the Holy Spirit guides us to stay out the religion in the day-to-day. Legalism enters the image once we’re extra fascinated with correcting these variations than celebrating them.

three. You’re resentful and judgmental of those that don’t do it your means.

What begins with a private selection to adhere strikes into expectation, prideful comparability, and even resentment towards those that stroll out the religion in a different way.

It’s us versus them. What’s worse is that our comparisons and judgments are sometimes based mostly on issues we’ve by no means skilled for ourselves or taken time to perceive. As an alternative, we bash different church buildings and believers for doing issues in another way.

“We were taught to treat God with reverence.”

“That man’s a heretic.”

“Their music is shallow.”

“They don’t even preach from the Bible there.”

“That’s not church. They might as well be at a rock concert.”

In case your conversations regularly contain remarks like these, you is perhaps dwelling in legalism.


four. You’re extra invested in profitable others to your means of dwelling than profitable them to Jesus.

“The fashionable church lingo and cultural practices the place I’m in the world (North America) aren’t the similar as these practiced by believers in Africa or South America or Asia or the Philippines. Heck, I’m from California, and our flip flop/t-shirt/cling unfastened type isn’t practiced in quite a bit of church buildings in the different 49 United States. In truth, all of our trendy and cultural practices aren’t how the church behaved at some other time in historical past, both.

But so many of us discover ourselves evangelizing a life-style as an alternative of a savior.” – Kendra Fletcher, Leaving Legalism

You is perhaps dwelling in legalism in case your going and telling isn’t a lot about Jesus, however extra about the method you do church, schooling, parenting, well being, or life basically. If you wrap Jesus in the center of any of that, you’re almost definitely forgetting that these choices aren’t obtainable for everybody on this huge world.

Anytime you’re extra fascinating in profitable somebody over to one thing that’s not implementable all over the place, you’re not likely speaking about the gospel message. As an alternative you’re speaking about the way you do life.

Leaving Legalism and Running to God

Simply so we’re clear, strategies, good decisions, and works can all be nice issues. They will even floor consequently of following Christ, however none of these are go hand in hand with our salvation and they ought to by no means occur as a result of we’re pushing proof to the floor in hopes of proving one thing to God, ourselves, or these round us.

All of this turns into legalism any time we embrace ourselves into our supply of salvation or righteousness. We’re by no means rescued, redeemed, or righteous as a result of of one thing we’ve finished or proceed to do. It’s as a result of of what God did for us by way of Jesus.

That’s why Kendra’s message is one for all believers. It doesn’t take a lot for any of us to slip into these mindsets and lose sight of our Savior.

Right here’s what Kendra tackles in Leaving Legalism:

  • How the pendulum swings from regulation to grace
  • Why guidelines really feel protected
  • How we evangelize a life-style greater than Jesus
  • Your true id in Christ
  • Trusting that Jesus offered our proper standing with God
  • How the present of Jesus is greater than sufficient
  • How to transfer ahead

Kendra additionally consists of questions for reflection at the finish of every chapter and further assets for leaving legalism behind.

Leaving Legalism Behind and Running Back to the Arms of God
Backside Line: Even in the event you’ve by no means been personally concerned in a legalistic group, Leaving Legalism is a ebook I gladly advocate. Identical to a pal sitting throughout the desk from you, Kendra shares her journey away from legalism, but in addition provides much-needed encouragement for shifting ahead.

You completely want her message in your coronary heart, whether or not for your self or to share with another person who wants assist letting go of the striving and the strongholds and operating again to the arms of God.

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When you’re at it, you’ll additionally need to take a look at Kendra’s first ebook, Misplaced and Discovered: Dropping Faith, Discovering Grace. Lastly, you may as well join with Kendra in your favourite social media platforms. You will discover her on Fb, Instagram, and Twitter.