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Tapestry of Grace – The Curriculum Choice

Tapestry of Grace - The Curriculum Choice

Have you ever discovered a homeschool curriculum you and your youngsters completely love? One that may be a good match for everybody’s studying fashion? A pleasant match for the age vary of your family? That, my associates, is how I really feel about Tapestry of Grace.

Observe: Since I first shared this assessment, I’ve the attitude of the years of wealthy schooling Tapestry has afforded us. I shared current updates right here at The Curriculum Choice on how we use Tapestry of Grace via the highschool years plus the lengthy-vary advantages. 

Tapestry of Grace

I’m recent from representing Tapestry in a sales space at my native homeschool conference. The three of us sales space hostesses weren’t promoting Tapestry that weekend. We have been merely there to assist, to reply questions and to share how we use the curriculum in our houses. Three days value of speaking Tapestry with fellow homeschoolers! So, what I’m sharing right here shouldn’t be solely my household’s years of expertise with Tapestry but in addition what I discovered have been the most important questions for newcomers to this curriculum.

People who walked as much as the sales space, model new to Tapestry or those that had by no means heard of it earlier than requested this most frequently: What’s it? Will you clarify it?

Tapestry of Grace is a classical strategy, Biblically-based mostly, unit research curriculum for the entire household. Tapestry covers eight topics. Everybody studying collectively – every youngster on their very own studying and talent degree. Listed here are the themes Tapestry covers:

  • Historical past
  • Writing
  • Literature
  • Geography
  • Wonderful Arts
  • Church Historical past
  • Philosophy
  • Authorities

So it’s worthwhile to add: Math, Grammar and Science

Tapestry of Grace is a unit research strategy. 4 eras or yr plans of historical past. 4 models annually. Everybody learning the identical subjects. The historical past cycle (from the Tapestry website):

  • Yr 1 covers the Historic World.
  • Yr 2 covers the Medieval World via the American Revolution.
  • Yr three covers the 1800’s
  • Yr four begins in 1900 and ends with present occasions.

Weekly plans: Kristen does an exquisite job of describing how the weekly plans are introduced in her Evaluation of Tapestry of Grace. She describes every part: the threads, studying assignments, weekly overview, writing assignments, scholar exercise pages, instructor notes and look into subsequent week.

How Tapestry of Grace Works in Our Homeschool

Right here’s a peek at how Tapestry works in our house: Once we first began with Tapestry of Grace I had a fifth, 4th and 1st grader. Plus a 3-yr-previous and an toddler. We unfold one yr of studying over two years. I really like this tempo. Particularly with little ones underneath foot and older ones needing to focus on unbiased work. Tapestry gave us “a map for the journey.” The following phrases are from Marcia’s Somerville’s weblog, Love the Journey, a number of years in the past.

  • This was us earlier than Tapestry: “…using traditional homeschooling curricula, instead of preserving family unity, each child is put into his own little car and travels each day his individual roads. Mom becomes more of a traffic cop trying to keep all the bumper cars on their tracks than the driver of the family van.
  • After: Using Tapestry, everyone travels together and explores the landscape of Classical Education from a Christian perspective in one family van that mom and dad really do drive.“

Everyone learning together. Really? Yes. This year, I had a 7th, 6th and 3rd grader. Plus, of course the preschoolers learning as well. One week the older two had a shared writing assignment. They were to write a radio show. Set in the early 1900s, they worked together on a story of the Wright brothers. They recruited their two younger sisters as additional characters and sound effects technicians. Sixth grader used the radio equipment that was his great-grandfather’s. (Do you see?)

Tapestry addresses all our different learning styles:

  • Hands on projects: I have one child that particularly flourishes when she gets to do a book report on a display board. Woven throughout Tapestry assignments are art and activity projects for individual students as well as for the whole family. The lapbook supplements are wonderful for those that enjoy hands on learning as well.

  • Auditory learners – can listen to audio books for literature and history studies. Many of these we borrow from the library.
  • Independent learning – My eldest likes to load up her books and tuck herself off in a corner. There are plenty of opportunities for those that work best on their own – which is the aim for the transition from dialectic (roughly middle school) to rhetoric (high school).

Even learning for mom and dad! Marcia Somerville explains Tapestry this way: Picture your family getting in the family van and heading out on a cross-country trek. There is something on the journey for everyone. For mom, extensive, weekly teacher notes give you all you would ever need for grades K-12 all the years of your homeschooling journey. For dad, a Pop Quiz. This CD is easy to listen to on a work commute, giving an overview and highlights of the learning going on at home.

Explore More Tapestry of Grace

If you are new to Tapestry, their website is a wonderful place to start:

  • Download a free, three-week trial of Tapestry. Explore Egypt with your family and explore Tapestry of Grace at the same time. This is what we did when considering Tapestry. It helped me, as the teacher, see how the curriculum works. And it got the children all excited!
  • Marcia Somerville’s video explanation of the map of humanities. Hear directly from Tapestry creator and author about the journey of Tapestry of Grace. She regularly posts on her blog specific Tapestry information as well as general homeschool encouragement.
  • Also on the Tapestry of Grace site, under the Explore Tapestry tab, you can view explanations of the cyclical plans, weekly plans. learning levels, the three big ideas. Pull up a chair and spend some time here.

Learn from fellow Tapestry users:

Tapestry of Grace Questions

But I feel overwhelmed by Tapestry of Grace. How do I make it work? Never have we ever done all of the subjects each week. Tapestry is truly a smorgasbord. When I open that week plan, I zone in on the learning levels for my children and ignore the rest. Even then, depending on the week, we may choose to only tackle the core history assignment. Other weeks, as we are wrapping up a unit, we may concentrate more on the arts and activities, doing assignments and larger projects together as a family.

We never finish up each and every assignment for the week. This curriculum serves you and your needs, matching the season of your life. There is so much to choose from! You don’t have to check it all off. Yet, that is also one of the beautiful benefits of Tapestry. You can tailor it by topic for your family, changing it to your children’s needs, matching the books you already have on your shelf. Dig deep or skim the surface. Rich learning either way.

Cost: One time investment. When you buy a year or even a unit of Tapestry of Grace you have it to use over and over again. Cycling through with each child. Your youngest ones have the chance to learn at the different levels up to four times.

How do you like your curriculum? Tapestry is available in print or digital form. Or, you can purchase both for each unit. I made the transition from print to digital last year. I found it easy to have everything on my computer to click on and reach – all in one spot. However, my two new Tapestry hostess friends both preferred having the digital version on their computers AND the print version to hold and flip through.

What about all those books? Oh the books we read! Each unit is rich with living books. Buying all the books for each unit is an option. However, I can purchase the ‘spine’ resource we will be using that year or that unit and reserve the rest at the library. Most of the books are available there. If not the first resource listed, then I usually already have the books listed on the alternate resource page in each week’s reading. Or can find them at the library. For years 3 and 4, Story of the World was listed as an alternate resource. Already had that on my shelf!

Bookshelf Central is the spot to load your cart up on books. You can select the books you need for all learning levels the entire year. Or you can fill your cart with just the books you will need for your grammar students for unit one. The online cartoon character, Grace, leads you through the Buying Guide step by step.

Optional Supplements:

  • Lapbooks: available for each unit, either on disc for you to print. Or pre-printed on colored paper for you and your child to assemble. Some families purchase a lapbook for each child. In our family, we use the lapbook as a review at the end of the unit. Each child picks several topics to work on and research. Click here.

  • Pop Quiz: Dad can listen on his commute to work. Supper time discussion can be about all the learning going on at home. The children and I have also used Pop Quiz CDs ourselves as an overview – in the car – going from place to place during the week. Click here for more information.
  • Map Aids: all the maps you need to print for one year in one place. Available in disc form or as an add on to Tapestry DE. Click here.

  • Writing Aids: A resource for all ages. One time purchase to be used as a supplement to Tapestry writing assignments or as an independent writing handbook. We turn to this guide to see what is expected in an assignment. What is a book report? How do you organize a display board? All types of writing graphs, wheels, diagrams and more to print to aid in the writing process. Click here.
  • Evaluations: Tests and quizzes to see how much your children are absorbing. The Tapestry site says, “Evaluations are unique because they test in keeping with the Tapestry style–integrated and multi-sensory!” Click on right here.
  • Authorities Elective: Out there for rhetoric college students. Key paperwork for additional research. Click on right here.
  • On-line Courses: for dialectic and rhetoric college students. Click on right here.

Unit Celebrations: a celebration brings closure to a unit of research. These may be in depth or easy. Youngsters can gown as a personality from the time interval they’ve studied and placed on a play. Invite grandparents, buddies and neighbors to view show boards, studies and faculty work. Rejoice all you’ve discovered. Right here’s an instance of a unit research from our Yr four research and our Yr 2 research.

Persevering with Schooling: I really feel that persevering with schooling and encouragement for mother is essential. I sit up for the periods at homeschool conference annually. In addition to simply seeing the sheer quantity of homeschoolers that fill that conference corridor! With Tapestry of Grace, I’m studying proper together with my youngsters. All of the assets I want to show them at my fingertips. In depth instructor notes from Okay all through highschool.

As one heading into our fourth yr (now seventh yr in 2014) of Tapestry, let me recommend: Take a summer time or vacation break to get to know Tapestry. Take your time navigating their web site. Obtain the free, three-week trial and have enjoyable making an attempt it out together with your youngsters. Making an attempt it on is how all of us discover out if it matches.

In abstract: Tapestry brings us all collectively for studying. As a household we’re studying historical past – HIS Story – starting with creation and resulting in current occasions. And, once we are all studying collectively meaning much less work for mother. I’m not educating these eight topics occasions my 5 youngsters. I’m educating them as soon as. Tapestry reaches the wants of all my youngsters and steadily builds unbiased learners. All it takes is a couple of steps into the buffet of choices obtainable every unit, and the youngsters are off and operating on their very own.

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Have you found a curriculum you and your children absolutely love? One that is a perfect fit for everyone's learning style? A nice match for the age range of your household? That, my friends, is how I feel about Tapestry of Grace.

Have you found a curriculum you and your children absolutely love? One that is a perfect fit for everyone's learning style? A nice match for the age range of your household? That, my friends, is how I feel about Tapestry of Grace.

This yr, as I formally begin yet one more of my youngsters on the Tapestry street and transition one other into highschool, I’ve the arrogance and instruments I want. I’m wanting ahead to educating my kindergartener, 4th, seventh and eighth graders all collectively. And I’m positive the three-yr-previous will probably be becoming a member of in typically. So, sure, I’d agree with the Tapestry of Grace slogan, Love the Journey.

And, as soon as extra I strongly recommend you obtain a free, three-week trial of Tapestry. See the way it works for your loved ones by truly utilizing it. Print it out and maintain it in your hand. We did it that one summer time after which knew it was for us.

Want much more info on Tapestry of Grace? Since scripting this assessment, we at the moment are into the highschool years! I’ve discovered Easy methods to Plan Tapestry of Grace for A number of Ages and Ranges. I invite you to go to Tapestry of Grace at Hodgepodge.

Comply with Tricia’s board Tapestry of Grace on Pinterest.

How about you? Have you ever already attended or do you propose to attend a homeschool conference? What questions do you have got about Tapestry of Grace?

-originally revealed June 13, 2011
Homeschooling for almost twenty years now, Tricia has 5 youngsters – together with two homeschool graduates. She is writer of artwork curriculum for all ages and a collection of useful habits at Hodgepodge. She and her husband, Steve, are house owners of Curriculum Choice.


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